Upgrading Nokia 700 to Official Belle FP1

If you own a Nokia 700, there’s a chance that your phone didn’t get the Belle FP1 upgrade. Nokia 700 was launched with Nokia Belle OS and each phone should have got the Belle FP1 upgrade. The Belle FP1 upgrade is a must have, believe me. It brings Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus support, 20 new home screen widgets and refreshed multitasking bar. Most importantly, it increases the processor speed of Nokia 700 and 701 from 1.0 GHz to 1.3 GHz. If you used Nokia Belle before and if you upgrade to Belle FP1, you will certainly feel the difference in usability and smoothness. However, your phone might possess one of the product codes which didn’t receive the upgrade. Here, you can find a partial list. You can check if your phone is eligible for the upgrade by connecting it to Nokia Suite and search for Software Update. If it shows a software version 112.010.1404 is available, then you are lucky and can upgrade in the “official” way, i.e., through the Nokia Suite or Nokia Software Updater. But if it doesn’t show that software version, you might have to try a backdoor and unofficial method (which was the case for me). Do not worry, it is very unlikely that the unofficial method will ruin your beloved Nokia 700.

This tutorial will show you how to install Nokia Belle FP1 on your Nokia 700. However, it will also work for Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 handsets.

You will need the following softwares for the upgradation process.

  • Nokia Suite. Download it from here and install it (if you haven’t already installed it). It is required for all those drivers for flashing.
  • NaviFirm+. Download it from here. It is required to download the OFFICIAL latest firmware from Nokia’s servers.
  • Phoneix Service Software. Download it from here. It is needed to flash your phone with the latest firmware.

I am assuming that your Nokia 700 has the software version 111.30.609 or lower. You can check your phone’s software version by dialing “*#0000#”. Follow the steps below for upgrading your phone.

  1. [OPTIONAL] Backup your phone: all the contacts and messages.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Charge your phone to 100% and then Hard reset your phone. You can follow the hard reset procedure described here.
  3. Start NaviFirm+. Enter “670” in the bottom left text field to filter the list of products. Select Nokia 700 (RM-670) from the list under “Products”.
  4. Select 112.010.1404 under “Releases”.
  5. Select the variant that closely matches your phone. You won’t find your exact model (that’s why you can’t upgrade your phone through official channels). The variants merely depend upon languages. As ENGLISH will always be in each variant, you don’t have to worry. Just select the color or serial number that matches most closely from the “Variants” list.
  6. Under the “Files” category, you will see a list of files. DO NOT select or de-select any file. NaviFirm+ will take care of that for you. Just press “Download”. Wait until the download is finished.
  7. After the download is finished, go to the location where the firmware files have been downloaded. By default, these files will be downloaded to “C:\NaviFirm+ 1.7\Fw5XXXXX\” folder. Copy all the contents of this folder.
  8. Now make a folder inside “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\” named “RM-670” and paste the items copied in the previous step.
  9. Connect your phone through the USB cable and start Phoenix.
  10. From the “Connections” drop down list, select “USB X: RM-670”.
  11. When the Phoenix software is ready (it will show “Ready” in the bottom left corner), select “Scan Product” from the file menu. Wait for a bit.
  12. If Phoenix can detect your phone, you will find “Software Update” under “Flashing” menu. Select it.
  13. Click on the “…” button at the side of the Product Code
  14. A new window will open with available product firmwares (that were placed in the “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\” folder). You will have just one in the list if you followed this tutorial. Select it. Click OK.
  15. You will be taken back to the previous window. Click on “Options” from here. A new window will appear. Using the Delete button on the window, delete the files marked in red color. Click OK.
  16. Now click on the “Refurbish” button. Sit back and relax. The Phoenix software will tell you when it is finished with flashing your phone. Disconnect your phone from the PC. You now have a brand new phone with Nokia Belle FP1 🙂

32 thoughts on “Upgrading Nokia 700 to Official Belle FP1

  1. Thank you very much, it worked to put back FP1 on my 700. My phone previously crashed on a reinstalling procedure and self downgraded to 111.030.0609. After that both phone or PC Suite doesn’t recognize that is a new FW version available for upgrade. With help from your tutorial I finally put back 112.10.1404 on my Nokia 700. Thank you once again.

    • Sure. You should first try connecting your phone through Nokia Suite for searching updates. If Nokia suite doesn’t show any updates available for your phone, just flash using your phones firmware using Phoenix.

  2. hello, i download navifirm+ but it doesnt conect to the server nokia, i heard that navifirm would not give more firmware updated through it, so where can i find the firmware for my nokia 603 rm-779,


  3. i have a nokia 700 orange version 111.30.609 and want to upgrade it, and to a non-orange version.

    where can i find 112.010.1404 or something better?

    • You can’t download the official firmware now from Nokia’s servers as they shut down the firmware download via navifirm channel. You can find it though on the internet by searching or you can download it via Nakia Care Suit if you have the appropriate username and password.

  4. Hello
    I downloaded phoenix software and when I run it the software sees my Nokia 700 but when I look at products available there is no RM-670 so when I scan for products Phoenix cannot find my Nokia 700. Any Ideas??

  5. have you found another solution for us to upgrade to fp1, ever since you were cutoff? Please….followed your blog and I’m prepared to do the procedure. HELP

  6. why i can’t finish download the phoenix software it said access denied to my computer. i already download navifirmware for my RM-670. my problem is what should i do to download a phoenix service software to my computer. help me.

  7. Hi, yesterday night I tried to restore my mobile it showing only nokia when on the mobile is I think os is eraised how to keep os in my mobile nokia 700

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