Flash Belle FP2 on Nokia 700

On October 02, 2012, Nokia released Belle FP2 for four hand sets:- Nokia 808PV, 701, 700 and 603. After just one day, Nokia has pulled the update out from their servers as some users reported that Belle FP2 posed some problems. You can see the detailed discussion here on Nokia Discussions page.

I have downloaded the Belle FP2 firmware files via NaviFirm and flashed my Nokia 700 using Phoenix. I am really happy with this update and I haven’t noticed any bugs or problems whatsoever.  For those who want to taste this new Belle version, I am writing this tutorial. I am assuming that you have Nokia Suite installed on your computer and you also have NaviFirm+1.7 and Phoenix 2012 version. If you want more info regarding download and installation of these three software, please see here.

  • [OPTIONAL] Back up your phone contents.
  • [OPTIONAL] Charge your phone to 100%.
  • [OPTIONAL] Hard reset your phone. You can follow the hard reset procedure described here.
  • Delete everything in the “Cache” folder inside the installation folder of NaviFirm+1.7
  • Download the Cache file from here. Extract it and copy all the files to the “Cache” folder of the NaviFirm+1.7
  • Start NaviFirm+1.7 and follow the instructions of this post to download and flash Nokia Belle FP2 on your Nokia 700.

This tutorial should also work for Nokia 808PV, Nokia 701 and Nokia 603.

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