Synchronize Nokia 700 with Google Account

It is very easy and straight-forward to sync your Google account (calendar, contacts, email, etc.) with your Android phone. But if you possess a Belle device (such as, Nokia 808, 701, 700 or 603), it is not that simple.  Many of us tend to store their contacts on Google and also want to sync the contacts and calendar with their phone. The following tutorial will show how to do exactly that for a Nokia 700 with Belle FP2.


  • Go to Menu > Mail
  • Tap on “New mailbox”
  • Tap on “Exchange ActiveSync”. Remember, do not select “Google” here.
  • Enter your email address, password, username (full username, such as, “”. Not “abc.def” only). For the “Domain name” field, enter “”
  • Proceed to the next screen. It might take some time and may want you to enter the server name again. Enter “” on that prompt.
  • In the next screen, select what you want to sync (mail, calendar, contacts).
  • Give some time to sync all these things. You can change the settings to manual sync or auto sync.

Hope this tutorial will help you to sync your Google account into you Symbian Belle phone.

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