How to Run Batch Operation on Cluster Computer

If you are pursuing your higher studies in the field of machine learning, its very likely that you have to “deal” with big data. By “deal”, I mean you might have to extract features, or say for example, find the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of large matrices. Carrying out these types of simulations on real or synthetic data on typical desktop/laptops may take days to run. Its suggested that you run these simulations on your University’s super computer or cluster computer. I am assuming that you have access to such a cluster.

These clusters are typically multi-core computers with huge amount of RAMs and tremendous processing powers. But you cannot just run any code on these clusters. You need a batch script (SLURM) to utilize the resources. You have access to a front end node and through that node you have to submit your batch job. I will show how to run a MATLAB code on the cluster using the sbatch command. I am assuming that you are on MacOSX/Linux and can use the terminal. If you are on Windows, install PuTTY to emulate the terminal.

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OnePlus One: Return to Stock

OnePlus One, the 2014 flagship killer, is truly an awesome phone. You can’t get a phone better than this in any respect at this price point. I am using this phone for a while now and I couldn’t find anything wrong with this phone that justifies the low price. CyanogenMod and OnePlus teams have put really a lot of effort to offer us an experience as close as possible to a Nexus. The phone also has a great developer community working constantly and bringing us new amazing ROMs. However, you might, sometimes, want to go back to the stock ROM CyanogenMod 11s, which itself is pretty nice. It offers a lot of customizability and very good and fluid performance. I am going to show the steps for restoring stock firmware on the 64GB OnePlus One.

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Downgrade Motorola Moto G to Android 4.4.4 from Android 5.0

Although it might seem like an unnecessary topic, but someone might want to revert back to Android 4.4.4 KitKat from Android 5.0 Lollipop. Several reasons come to mind – you might not like the material design, you might experience performance problems with the Lollipop or you might want to go back to the stock firmware of your region instead of using the GPE firmware or the Brazil firmware. No matter what, you might want to go back to KitKat. Follow the steps below to do that. Please be cautious that this might soft-brick your phone and the way to un-brick it is to flash the lollipop firmware again.

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