Upgrading Nokia 700 to Official Belle FP1

If you own a Nokia 700, there’s a chance that your phone didn’t get the Belle FP1 upgrade. Nokia 700 was launched with Nokia Belle OS and each phone should have got the Belle FP1 upgrade. The Belle FP1 upgrade is a must have, believe me. It brings Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus support, 20 new home screen widgets and refreshed multitasking bar. Most importantly, it increases the processor speed of Nokia 700 and 701 from 1.0 GHz to 1.3 GHz. If you used Nokia Belle before and if you upgrade to Belle FP1, you will certainly feel the difference in usability and smoothness. However, your phone might possess one of the product codes which didn’t receive the upgrade. Here, you can find a partial list. You can check if your phone is eligible for the upgrade by connecting it to Nokia Suite and search for Software Update. If it shows a software version 112.010.1404 is available, then you are lucky and can upgrade in the “official” way, i.e., through the Nokia Suite or Nokia Software Updater. But if it doesn’t show that software version, you might have to try a backdoor and unofficial method (which was the case for me). Do not worry, it is very unlikely that the unofficial method will ruin your beloved Nokia 700.

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