Convert Your HTC One to Official Google Play Edition HTC One

Although stock android might not be everyone’s favorite, many prefer the uncluttered stock android skin to OEM skins like Sense and TouchWiz. As the stock android is not bogged down by several different (sometimes unnecessary) pre-loaded apps and services, it usually performs better than manufacturer skins. Getting the complete stock android experience was limited to Nexus devices, which were (and still are) pretty hard to get outside USA for a proper price. But since last year, we are seeing the release of Google Play Edition devices, which boasts stock android on spectacular hardware of different OEMs, such as the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

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Synchronize Nokia 700 with Google Account

It is very easy and straight-forward to sync your Google account (calendar, contacts, email, etc.) with your Android phone. But if you possess a Belle device (such as, Nokia 808, 701, 700 or 603), it is not that simple.  Many of us tend to store their contacts on Google and also want to sync the contacts and calendar with their phone. The following tutorial will show how to do exactly that for a Nokia 700 with Belle FP2.

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