Home Networking: File Transfer

Many of us have two or more computers at our home and like to share files between these PCs. If you don’t have a huge PenDrive or portable HDD or a DVD writer, then you might have problem to transfer large files from one PC to another. You can easily create a Local Area Network (LAN) among the computers for sharing files among the PCs.

This article shows how to connect two PCs using a cross-over LAN cable for file sharing purposes.

Here are the descriptions of the PCs

PC1: Ubuntu 8.04 with a Tenda 10/100Mbps LAN card
PC2: Windows XP Profesional with Built-in 10/100Mbps LAN card

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iTunes Internet Connection Problem in Windows 7

Many of you must have used or are using iTunes. Its a cool software for music management and MP3 ripping. I use iTunes mostly for the Podcasts. There are several useful and entertaining Podcasts out there in iTunes Store which are free. I can’t help myself mentioning the name of NASA video Podcast, Discovery Network video Podcast and English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast. Anyway, if you are behind a proxy, that is, if you have to connect to the internet through a proxy server, you might experience some problems connecting to the iTunes Store and downloading the Podcasts. iTunes might show you an error message like “Cannot start secure connection” or “error -9808” or something like that. The solution to these problems is written below:

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