Importing POP3 mails into GMail

Gmail offers its users a bunch of services and for free. One special service, which I think most people are unaware of, is that you can import other email account’s mail into your Gmail account using POP3 and you can send email ‘from’ that account without actually logging into that account. In this sense, Gmail is like your Email program like Outlook or Thunderbird. Suppose you want to import your Yahoo! mail account’s email into Gmail and label them as “Yahoo! Mail”. Here’s what you have to do:

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POP3 and SMTP access for Yahoo! free account

Yahoo! webmail is one of the most widely used webmail services over the internet. Unlike Gmail, Yahoo! Mail does not provide support or access for POP3 or SMTP for the free accounts. Now, fortunately there is a way around. If you choose the localization to be Yahoo! Asia or Yahoo! India (in practice, any locale except for Yahoo! US), you will be able to use the POP3 and SMTP services. Here’s what to do:

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